Artist's Bio

Kenneth Peters, New Canaan, CT

My fascination and interest in art began at an early age. It has continued throughout my life in various forms and related expressions. I am self-taught and began structured drawing lessons in Junior High School. The high school I attended had no art classes, so I attended Saturday art lessons and painting sessions with Alfred J. Tulk, a muralist painter in Stamford, CT.

In college free hand drawing, technical drawing and rendering were required in the school of architecture. I took elective courses in painting and became interested in photography.

Since then, I pursued drawing, painting and photography as a hobby and used my skills in my work. Aside from my own architecture practice, I was employed by Eliot Noyes in New Canaan and by IBM as a staff architect in the USA and Europe. After thirty years in the field of architecture, I went into semi-retirement and taught computer skills and programing at an elementary private school, part-time for fifteen years which left much time for drawing and painting.

During these years, my art work was exhibited and sold at the Santo Gallery in Provincetown, MA. A commercial client was Sundance Catalog, designing original graphics for several of their products. My work has been exhibited at the New Canaan Library and the New Canaan Society for the Arts. An exhibit for the month of August, 2012 at the Gratia Gillespie Art Gallery at Atria, Darien, CT.